Algebra and Logic

Number theory

Abstract algebra


Nonclassical logics

Paraconsistent logic

Computability theory

Logic and foundations of mathematics


Ring theory

Group theory

Field theory


Number theory



Functional analysis

Nonstandard functional analysis

Dissertation panels

Compex analysis

Geometry and topology

Dissertation panels



Geometry. General theory

Flexible polyhedra

Differential, integral and difference equations

Partial differential equations

Partial differential equations of hyperbolic type

Qualitative properties of solutions

Partial differential equations of parabolic type

General theory

Elliptic and close-to-elliptic equations

General partial differential equations

Spectral theory

Control and optimization problems

Equations of mathematical physics and other areas of applications

Symmetry and summability

Pseudodifferential operators and other generalizations of partial differential operators

Dynamical systems and ergodic theory

Ergodic theory

Topological dynamics

Smooth dynamical systems

Dynamical systems with hyperbolic behavior

Complex dynamical systems

Low-dimensional dynamical systems

Hamiltonian, Lagrangian and nonholonomic systems

Bifurcation theory

Random dynamical systems

Infinite-dimensional dissipative dynamical systems

Approximation methods and applications

Integral equations

Ordinary differential equations and difference equations

Qualitative theory

Stability theory

Control and optimization problems

General theory

Differential equations in the complex domain

Equations and systems with randomness

Functional-differential and differential-difference equations

Special functions

Asymptotic theory

Differential operators

Inverse problems

Applications of inverse problems

Computed tomography

Persons in tomography

History pages

Books on tomography

Tomography software

Probability theory and mathematical statistics

Queuring theory

Probability theory

Mathematical statistics

Mathematical programming and Computer Science

Mathematical programming

Abstract computational compexity for mathematical programming problems

Optimal control

Decision making

Operations research

Transportation problems

Scheduling theory

Resource allocation problem

Computer Science

Computer systems

Computer networks and telecommunications

Mathematical problems in computer architecture

Network protocols

Reliability, Testing and fault-tolerant systems

Theoretical programming

Semantics of programming languages

Formal languages and automata

Specification and verification

Grammars and rewriting systems

Abstract data types; algebraic specification

Models and methods for concurrent and distributed computing

Algebraic theory of languages and automata


Storage and search problems

Mathematical theory of data bases

Computer technnologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Pattern recognition

AI systems

Multi-agent systems


Decision support systems

Fuzzy modeling

Real-time systems


SCADA systems (SCADA = Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

Embedded systems

Pattern recognition, analysis, and synthesis

Data mining

Neural network technologies

Evolutionary modeling and Genetic algorithms

Learning systems

Distance learning

Machine learning

Expert systems

Language systems

Speech recognition, analysis, and synthesis

Computer linguistics

Systems of automatic natural language processing

Electronic dictionaries

Text classification

Machine translation

Text analysis, natural language text comprehension, information extraction

Theoretical problems of artificial intellegence

Artificial intelligence and computer creativity

Knowledge representation models

Network models

Rule-based models

Logic models





Fuzzy models

Frame models

Subdefinite Model

AI languages







Graph visualization algorithms

Graph visualization software

Hyperbolic graph drawing

Dynamic Graph Drawing

Focus+context techniques

Huge graphs visualization



Conferences and journals

File formats

Parallel computer technnologies

Coarse grained parallelism

Computer networks

Parallel computer systems

Mathematical modeling

Mathematical modeling of computing systems

Mathematical modeling of physical, chemical and biological processes

Distributed computing

Distributed operating systems


Network protocols

Parallel programming models

Parallel programming tools

Mathematical libraries for parallel programming

Fine-grained parallelism

Fine-grain computation models

Cellular automata

Cellular neural networks

Quantum computers

Associative computers

Mathematical modeling with fine-grain computation models

Parallel programming methods, cluster programming

Parallel programming models and tools (software and documentation)

ICM&MG Preprints

Computational mathematics

Mathematical geophycics


Massachusetts institute of technology Artificial intelligence laboratory Reports

Year 2002

Year 2003

Year 2004

Dissertational council

05.13.13 Telecommunication systems and computer networks

05.13.15 Computing machines and systems

05.13.11 Applied mathematics and computers, systems and networks software

05.13.17 Theoretical informatics

05.13.19 Information protection methods and systems, infromation security

05.13.18 Mathematical simulation, calculus of approximations and software systems


Functional programming and lambda calculus

Mathematical aspects of software engineering

Operating systems

Compilers and interpreters

Computational mathematics

Computational algebra

Solution of nonlinear equations and optimization problems

Parallel computation: numerical methods

Numerical solution of differential and integral equations

Fluid dynamics

Computational technologies for mathematical modeling

Approximation of functions and functionals

Interval Analysis

Monte-Carlo methods and statistical modeling

Finance software


Discrete mathematics

Graph theory


Design Theory

Combinatorics and Optimization

Combinatorics and theory of complexity

Coding theory

Coding theory and optimization

Turbo codes

Information theory


Cryptographic standards

Cryptography and Number Theory

Secrete key cryptography

Block ciphers

GOST 28147-89

AES (Rijndael)

Cryptography and security


Cryptographic assumptions

Cryptography and algebra

Public key cryptography

Cryptography and computational complexity

Stream ciphers

Applied cryptography

Hash functions

Information security

Block ciphers

Theory of algorithms

Symbolic sequences

Perfect structures

Discrete Analysis

Automata theory

Automata and neural networks

Cellular automata

Applications and other


Mathematical economic theory

History, biographies, education, et al.

Recreational mathematics


Grave, Dmitry

Scientists' personal web-sites

Lobachevsky, Nikolai Ivanovich

Markov, Andrei Andreevich

Mathematicians are joking




Computational fluid dynamics

incompressible inviscid fluids

hydrodynamic stability

imcompressible viscous fluids

aerodynamics, subsonic flows

transonic, supersonic flows


basic methods in fluid mechanics

gas dynamics

hydro and aeroacoustics

diffusion and convection

filtration, porous media

multiphase flows, rotating fluids

Magnet- and electrohydrodynamics, plasmic flow

engineering hydrodynamics

Biological fluid mechanics


The computing mechanics

Materials science


Theoretical mechanics

engeneering mechanics

Mechanics of deformable solid

elastic materials

fuundations of continuum mechanics of solid

dynamical problems

composite and material with special treeatment

пластичноcть, вязкоупругость

equilibrium problems

thin bodies, structures

numerical methods

spesial subfields of solid mechanics

fracture and damage

Physics, astronomy

Other applications